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Latest Nikon Mirrorless Teaser Has New Glimpses, Thoughts by Photographers


Nikon has released the fifth of its six scheduled teaser videos leading up to the August 23rd unveiling of its new full-frame mirrorless camera system. This latest 50-second video, titled “Photographers,” features various views of the camera(s) being used by photographers who share their impressions after testing it out. “Having ...

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Digitizing Film with the Nikon D850 and ES-2 Digitizing Adapter


Here’s a 6.5-minute video by B&H in which photographer David Flores goes hands-on with digitizing film slides using the Nikon D850 DSLR and new ES-2 Digitizing Adapter. The new adapter is particularly suited to the Nikon D850 and its Negative Digitizer mode, and the camera’s ability to scan film attracted ...

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