What Is Snapfish

If you want to enjoy your photos in a more tangible way than just seeing them on your smartphone screen, you still have plenty of options for getting good old-fashioned photographs you can hold in your hand. Snapfish is one of the better-known photo printing services and it remains one of the least expensive. Like the also-familiar Shutterfly (which is expected to merge with Snapfish later this year), it's been around longer than most Since 1999. Snapfish is not only less expensive than most competitors, but it also produces excellent image quality and uses a modern web interface. It's a PCMag Editors' Choice for value photo printing services.


  1. Easy to use interface
  2. A wide range of templates and backgrounds to choose from
  3. Extensive help resources
  4. Good customer support
  5. The online editor is compatible with both PC and Mac
  6. Well-designed, fast, modern web interface.
  7. Tons of print surface options including mugs, blankets, and much more.
  8. Solid editing tools.
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Quality of photo prints

Your photo prints are showcased on photo paper that lasts over 200 years, and printed with archival-quality inks. We’re not aware of any complaints regarding quality and many people continue to be impressed with the clarity and brightness of the prints. Your choice of print comes in matte or glossy finish. The matte finish brings out the detail in the photo and the glossy finish is eye catching.

Ease of use

The Snapfish online photo ordering process is simple and straightforward. Once you’ve set up your account, which takes around two minutes, the upload is fast on most computers. Arranging your photos in your album is a matter of dragging-and-dropping if you are on Windows, and by using a numerical method with a Mac or another browser. Editing and altering pictures and sharing albums takes just a few clicks.

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