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20 Finalist Photos from the World’s Largest Photo Contest

The EyeEm Photography Awards has just announced 100 finalists for this year’s competition. This year, it received over 590,000 entries from over 88,000 photographers based around the world. That’s 3 times more than the Sony World Photography Awards, making it the world’s largest photo contest.

The EyeEm Photography Awards is now in its 4th year, with judges coming together to select winners from 5 categories: The Architect, The Great Outdoors, The Photojournalist, The Portraitist, and The Street Photographer.

Here are 20 of the finalist photos, although you can see the full 100 images on the EyeEm website. Winners will be announced at the 2017 EyeEm Photography Festival in Berlin, September 15-17, 2017.

The Architect

Jeremy Cheung / EyeEm

Claudia Solano / EyeEm

Scott Firestone / EyeEm

The Great Outdoors

Guiga Pirá / EyeEm

Masaki Sato / EyeEm

Michael Lynch / EyeEm

Michael Schauer / EyeEm

Zane Jēkabsone / EyeEm

The Portraitist

Adeolu Osibodu / EyeEm

David Schulman / EyeEm

Joanne Coates / EyeEm

The Photojournalist

Daren Mauree / EyeEm

Kimberly dela Cruz / EyeEm

Md. Enamul Kabir / EyeEm

Ramin Mazur / EyeEm

Ritesh Shukla / EyeEm

The Street Photographer

Francis Malapris / EyeEm

Jatuporn Pateepaparnee / EyeEm

Julie Hrudova / EyeEm

Pau-Buscató / EyeEm

You can view all of the finalists on the EyeEm website.

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