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6 Tips for Photographers Who Want to Try Shooting Video


Photographers join photo-sharing sites for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s as simple as a need for recognition and the occasional pat-on-the-back. In fact, I suspect that’s the reason most people join these sites in the first place; a little bit of recognition is worth big dollars in the feel-good ...

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DJI’s Rugged New M200 Drones Can Fly in Freezing Temps and Pouring Rain


DJI’s newest Matrice 200 drones were designed for industrial use, but adventure photographers and photojournalists are going to love this ultra-rugged, extremely versatile drone. The M200, M210, and M210 RTK are quadcopters built to handle everything from inclement weather to intense elecromagnetic interference. A high-performance motor, 17-inch propellers, IP43 protection, ...

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