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This LEGO Photo Booth Helps You Build Your Portrait with Bricks


I initially refused to believe it when this photo came across my feed. My eyes aren’t broken! I can see they’re strawberries, and they’re definitely red. They have to be trolling us with this image, right? Same setting, same model, three different lighting scenarios. In this demo, Toronto wedding photographer ...

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Another Big Camera Store Fails: Why Are So Many Closing?


40 years ago, Bob Khoury and Warren Steinberg started selling used photo equipment out of a showcase in an Atlanta, Georgia, flea market. Soon they moved to a brick and mortar store which, to incorporate their earlier experience, they called Showcase. The store grew to be the largest in Atlanta ...

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Snap Goes Public: Shares Explode in Stock Market Debut


Snap’s IPO is complete and the 5-year-old tech company behind Snapchat is now officially a publicly traded corporation. Shares in Snap have exploded nearly 50% in the stock’s debut today, valuing the company at around $29 billion. Shares (ticker symbol SNAP) were priced at $17 in the initial public offering, ...

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Why I Love Wedding Photography


I’m a wedding photographer, and I love it. I don’t shoot anything else and I really don’t want to either.In all my career as a freelancer I have shot everything from boxing matches to restaurant interiors. Nothing has ever been as challenging as photographing a wedding. There does seem to ...

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Google Just Patented a Weird Camera Hat


Photographers join photo-sharing sites for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s as simple as a need for recognition and the occasional pat-on-the-back. In fact, I suspect that’s the reason most people join these sites in the first place; a little bit of recognition is worth big dollars in the feel-good ...

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Hands On with The New Godox AD200 Pocket Flash


In late 2015, I stumbled upon a strobe called the Godox TT685: a fully-featured speedlight that has radio master and transmitter capabilities built right in. Being a Nikon user, I had never experienced that type of wireless connectivity, and I bought 3 despite being leery of the price. Since then, ...

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