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Daily Archives: May 11, 2017

Quality Over Quantity: Two Months with the Leica M 240


Ever since I jumped into photography several years ago, I’ve always had a fascination with Leica. I used to think their cameras were overpriced and absurd—they were heavy and lacked many of the latest features I was accustomed to being on the latest DSLRs. As I became more comfortable with ...

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Skier Falls Into 60-Foot Crevasse with His GoPro Rolling


“Yeah, I’m in a crevasse”, Jamie Mullner radios to his friends after tumbling 60 feet to the depths of a glacier in the Swiss Alps. “I had the GoPro recording; how epic is that!?” This GoPro Video of the Day starts with Jamie and his friends surveying the slope in ...

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Russian Photographer in Oval Office Raises Red Flags, US Media Locked Out


President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian diplomats is being heavily criticized by US photographers today. The administration’s decision to lock out US media has left them open to accusations of contributing to Russian propaganda, and potentially opening itself up to espionage. The two related storylines have quickly gained prominence over ...

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