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Daily Archives: May 13, 2017

The TSA Thinks This Nikon DSLR Rig Looks Too Much Like a Gun


Check out this Nikon DSLR rig, which apparently uses a pistol-style grip for triggering the shutter. It seems this kit looks too much like a firearm for the TSA’s liking. The photo appeared on the TSA’s Instagram page as an example of something you can’t bring onto an airplane. “This ...

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When a $13,000 Camera Lens Shatters on the Ground…


Photographer Jon Devo of São Paulo, Brazil, shared this photo that represents “£12.5K worth of ouch.” It shows a $13,000 Sony 500mm f/4 G SSM lens that fell and shattered on the ground. “Not taking care when mounting large telephoto lenses can be a costly mistake,” Devo writes. Here’s what ...

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How to Build a LED Wand Light for $30


In this 8-minute video by Macroscope Pictures, learn how to build a color changing wand light with your own two hands for only $30 in materials. For an extra 15 bucks, you can add a Wi-Fi controller and control the finished product with your phone. Wand lights are a cheaper ...

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