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Nikon D820 Less Than a Month Away, Report Says


If you’ve been out on buying a Nikon DSLR because you’re waiting for the followup to the D810, your wait may soon be over. The latest word in the rumor mill is that the camera will be officially announced at the end of July. Nikon Rumors is hearing from “several ...

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This is How Much Photo Editing Can Impact Portraits


I’ve been doing professional portrait and fashion photography for over 3 years now, but from the very beginning I have always considered myself an “aspiring photographer,” because you never stop improving and looking for new challenges. There are a number of things that contribute to a great photo. Sometimes nailing ...

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The Truth About ‘Shot on iPhone’-Style Ads


Have you ever been disappointed that your smartphone’s camera doesn’t quite live up to the shots seen in commercials? “Shot on a Smartphone” often tags along at the end of ads featuring beautiful, cinematic-style shots. But that’s the thing. They often look so cinematic it’s almost unbelievable that these example images ...

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VISIO Turns Your Camera Lens Into a Photo Projector


If you want to show off your photos, nothing looks better than projecting them huge onto a wall. VISIO is a mobile photo-projector that works with your camera lenses to make a big statement. Recently launched on Kickstarter, VISIO has already smashed through its $17,000 target with over 3 weeks still ...

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Learn to Use Photoshop’s Pen Tool in Just 5 Minutes


The pen tool is one of Photoshop’s incredibly effective tools. But it can also be difficult to understand and master, at least from the outset, and always seems to do something just really… weird. This short video tutorial promises to make you a pen tool master in just 5 minutes. ...

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