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Why You Should Try Soaking 35mm Film in Ramen Soup


Submerging your film in liquid might not seem like a good idea, but when done properly it’s a photography technique that can garnish unexpectedly beautiful results. Without any post-processing work, you can get a distorted effect with vivid streaks of color and interesting textures. Editor’s Note: This post was originally ...

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How to Make a DIY Leather Camera Harness For Under $70


Leather harnesses look super stylish, but they can cost upwards of $200 retail. What’s a cash-strapped photographer to do? French photographer Duncan Dimanche has a DIY solution for you, and it’ll only cost $70. Dimanche guides you through the process in this short walkthrough video, showing how you can use ...

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Trying Out a Set of $560 Zeiss iPhone Lenses


Shelling out $560 to buy three lenses for your iPhone might seem a bit extreme, but is it worth it? Do you get more optical performance out of your smartphone if you put Zeiss glass in front of that tiny sensor? Kai gave it a go. For this vlog, Kai ...

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Using Creative Lighting Techniques to Mimic Natural Light


In this useful little tutorial, wedding photographer Bob Davis demonstrates how, with just a small amount of kit, you can combine speedlights with basic light modifiers to mimic two totally different natural light ‘looks’ in seconds. The video specifically talks about shooting a groom prepping before his wedding, but the ...

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