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Daily Archives: June 14, 2017

Instagram to Clearly Label Sponsored Photos with Product Placements


When Facebook took over Instagram, it was clear it would adopt the same changes seen in Facebook news feeds that are known so well. Algorithms push certain stories higher in feeds, rather than displaying them in chronological order. Now, sponsored posts will be clearly labelled in a bid to out paid product placement ...

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Shoot Better Golden Hour Portraits by Harnessing the Sun


The golden hour is popular amongst landscape photographers, but it is definitely worth utilising this for outdoor portraiture. By positioning the sun behind or in front of the subject, the lighting is changed dramatically. It’s just like having a giant light on in the studio, but it is golden and ...

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Manfrotto Launches New Bumblebee Line of Pro Light Camera Bags


Manfrotto has updated its line of Pro Light Bumblebee camera bags with two backpacks and two messenger bags, which the company says are designed for comfort in harsh outdoor conditions and huge storage capacity. Pro Light Bumblebee 130 and 230 Backpacks These two backpacks are designed to take stress and ...

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8 Tips for Shooting an Award-Winning Tornado Photo


I’ve been photographing extreme weather for 25 years. After publishing tips on how to photograph lightning here back in March, I was asked to share any tips I have in capturing an award-winning tornado image. So, here I go… Note to reader: Storm chasing and extreme weather photography, as discussed ...

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