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Daily Archives: June 15, 2017

Sony SLT Camera Found in Crashed North Korean Spy Drone


Guess what fancy camera technology North Korea uses for its spy drone program? Sony’s A-mount SLT cameras. One of these cameras was recently found by South Korean authorities in a North Korean spy drone that was found crashed in a forest. According to Reuters, South Korean authorities said that the ...

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How to Photograph Cosmetic Products on a White Background


Cosmetics look great on a pure white background, known as 255 white. In this tutorial for workphlo, Dustin Dolby shows off his workflow when shooting your “typical” cosmetic catalog photos. In the video, Dolby gives tips for how to achieve that pure white background straight away in camera, rather than having to ...

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Here’s a Tiny Sleeping Bag Designed for a DSLR Camera


How sweet is this? Photographer Kevin Pickell wanted a solution for keeping his DSLR camera kit safe while driving around with it while still having it accessible, so his wife created a miniature sleeping bag for it. It’s “great for driving with frequent stops to take a few photos, and ...

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A 3-Part Guide to Nailing Exposure In-Camera


Shooting RAW gives you a lot of latitude to make exposure adjustments in post, but it’s still vital to understand how to correctly expose a scene to avoid clipping highlights and destroying shadows. This 3-part series from photographer Greg Benz will teach you everything you need to know to get the ...

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30 Composition Styles for Taking Good Pictures


Ever since I decided to start learning photography, I’ve been looking for a good catalog of composition ideas. Once you figure out the mechanics of how a DSLR works, getting good at the composition of your photos seems to be the 80/20 of rapidly improving at photography. I looked around ...

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