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Daily Archives: July 5, 2017

This 600mm ‘Bazooka’ Lens from 1955 is Rather Impressive


Now here’s a lens you probably don’t want to be seen with in populated areas these days: it’s a Novoflex 600mm lens with a pistol grip, introduced in 1955 and manufactured in West Germany. Photographer Mathieu Stern was browsing around at a yard sale near Paris, France, recently when he ...

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5 SEO Pro Tips for Your Photo Website


Whether you’re just starting your photography career or have years of experience, being found in search engines is critical to accomplishing your goals. In this post, we’ll be sharing 5 helpful SEO tips that can help your photography website place well in search engines. Full disclosure: This post was sponsored ...

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Fujifilm to Bring In-Body Stabilization to X Series, Report Says


Fujifilm is reportedly working on bringing in-body image stabilization to its X Series cameras, something the company had previously said wouldn’t be possible and or/practical with its XF-mount lenses. In February 2016, Fujifilm senior product planner Takashi Ueno told Fujilove in an interview that the XF mount is incompatible with ...

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How To Use Photoshop’s Dehaze Tool… in CS6


Photoshop CS6 lacks the powerful Dehaze feature Adobe released in 2015 and the program no longer gets updates, but for those unwilling to switch to Adobe’s subscription model it’s the latest version available. If you’re on CS6 and you want Dehaze, there’s actually a way: these free presets from Dave ...

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