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Daily Archives: July 6, 2017

Rainbow Light Painting Photos with a DIY Reflective Tube


Here’s a neat idea for light painting photos: if you build a custom light tube using a certain type of reflective metallic material, your photos will look like they’re filled with rainbows. DIYPhotography writes that Jacksonville, Florida-based photographer Zach Smidt built his own tubes using a “2 way reflective metallic ...

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The Best Drone Photos of 2017


Dronestagram is the first social network dedicated to aerial photography, and it has just announced the winners of its 4th annual drone photography competition, the International Drone Photography Contest. The competition is organised in partnership with National Geographic, and this year saw around 8,000 photos submitted from around the world. Both amateur ...

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RED Unveils a $1,200 Phone That’s a ‘Holographic Media Machine’


The cinema camera company RED just made a huge announcement: its first smartphone. The new RED Hydrogen One is an Android OS smartphone that’s being referred to as a “holographic media machine” for viewing and capturing “multi-dimensional” imagery. The phone features a 5.7-inch “holographic” display that makes bulky glasses obsolete ...

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Torture Test: See the Moment a Canon DSLR Shutter Dies


DSLRs generally have life expectancies based on how many “actuations” (i.e. openings and closings) their shutters can handle before they die and need to be replaced. To see what happens when a DSLR “dies” in this way, ContinueCrushingTech decided to torture test a Canon 7D Mark II with non-stop shooting ...

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3D Copypod is a Sphere of 100+ DSLRs That Can Digitize You


Creating a digital copy of yourself from all angles allows for high-resolution 3D-printing using the photos as a reference. A company in Beijing, China has developed the 3D Copypod, which does just this. Based on the “Hoberman Sphere” (a geodesic dome which folds down to a much smaller size due to ...

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