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Daily Archives: July 7, 2017

f.lux Beta for Windows Can Auto-Disable for Photo Editing Software


If you use the popular software f.lux on Windows for automatically adjusting your monitor color temperature depending on time and location to reduce eye-strain and improve sleep, there’s some good news for you: there’s now a beta version that brings auto-disabling for photo editing programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. This ...

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Here’s How to Build a Portable Camera Obscura


“Camera obscura” refers to a device for viewing an image that makes use of the principles of pinhole imagery, and is usually made with a box of sorts. It’s this that was eventually turned into the first pinhole camera – and now you can make your own! In the above video 11-minute video ...

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This is the Bizarre World of ‘Dark Stock Photos’


There’s a new Twitter account called “Dark Stock Photos” that has been amassing a huge following over the past month. It’s an ever-growing collection of “f***ed up stock photography”: images designed to be sad and somber that are often simply bizarre. “In attempting to illustrate some of the darkest moments ...

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This Photographer Turns His Childhood Memories into Photos


German photographer Thomas Friedrich Schaefer has created Experiential Spaces, a series of photos that are inspired by fragments of his childhood memories of growing up. At the same time, he wants to stimulate the viewers to bring out their own childhood memories too. “I tried to reimagine my first memories ...

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Nikon Recalls Popular EN-EL15 Battery Over Safety Concerns


Nikon has issued updated [see update below] a recall of its widely used EN-EL15 digital camera battery. The company says the batteries can short circuit, leading to overheating and a deformation of the casing. Samsung took a huge blow to its image in 2016 when it was discovered that the ...

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The Citograph 35 is a 35mm Pancake Lens That’s Always in Focus


C.P. Goerz has unveiled a new lens called the Citograph 35. It’s a 35mm f/8 lens that promises to “always be in focus”. Cito means spontaneous in Latin, and that’s where the name is derived from. The German start-up behind the Kickstarter campaign wants to bring spontaneity back to photography and Instagram ...

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