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Daily Archives: July 10, 2017

Why Photographers Fail


Recently there has been a spate of very sad, and ultimately defeatist articles decrying the “death of photography.” We have no shortage of examples. Seriously. In all their pain and detailed examples of how the art and business of photography have been “ruined” (their words), I can find little to ...

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Why B&W is Still the Favorite of Street Photographers


Black-and-white still remains the photographer’s favorite for street photographers, and with very good reason. Where in other genres monochrome has become a niche look, street photography is different. Why does B&W remain the favorite choice of street photographers, and are there logical reasons to go for it? Black-and-white was naturally ...

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Nikon Has a New Mirrorless Camera Up Its Sleeve, President Says


Nikon is working on a new mirrorless camera geared toward the smartphone generation yet superior to rival companies’ cameras in quality. That’s what the company’s president appears to have confirmed in a new interview published in Japan. Nikon Rumors reports that the quote was given by Nikon President Kazuo Ushida ...

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Leica Unveils the TL2: 24MP and One Giant Touchscreen


Leica today unveiled the TL2, a followup to the original TL mirrorless camera. The L-mount TL2 features new features, specs, and physical design elements. One of the first things Leica will tell you about the TL2 is how special its physical construction is. Reminiscent of Apple products, the TL2’s camera ...

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