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Daily Archives: July 12, 2017

Artists Delete Graffiti Photoshop-style with a Painted Illusion


Now this is clever: a group of street artists in Russia have “deleted” the graffiti covering a dumpster and abandoned car with a clever anamorphic illusion. Using paint, the artists covered the graffiti with Photoshop’s transparency checkerboard to make it look like someone had cut out the graffiti from a ...

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Wacom Announces a Gigantic 32-Inch Cintiq Pro Graphics Tablet


Wacom today announced that it will be expanding its Cintiq Pro lineup with two new graphics tablets. They’re designed for photographers, illustrators, and graphics designers who want a larger digital canvas than has been previously available. The two tablets will have edge-to-edge glass screens that measure 24- and 32-inches in size, ...

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Photographer Captures San Francisco Sights as Shapes


Photographer Burton Rast has just completed a new project titled, The Shapes of San Francisco. He spent 100 days exploring SF and shooting one photo per day of the city’s most popular and photographed sights, but “in a unique way.” Each photo focuses on shapes. “When I first relocated from ...

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Citizen’s CY-02 Photo Printer Spits Out 4×6 Prints in 15 Seconds


The printer company Citizen has just released a new CY-02 printer to its line-up. This could be the perfect dye sublimation photo printer for those needing to produce on-demand prints for clients. Tuned to work at high-speed and high-capacity, the printer can output 6×4″, 7×5″, and 8×6″ prints. It uses continuous ...

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Nikon Unveils Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Camera Posters


Nikon has been celebrating its 100-year anniversary with a whole host of new merchandise and special edition cameras. And one of the new items being offered is a set of limited edition posters featuring iconic Nikon cameras. There are 10 different designs available, and these posters are now available to purchase ...

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