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Daily Archives: July 14, 2017

Photographer Broke Due to Copyright Lawsuit by Monkey


Remember David Slater, the photographer whose camera was hijacked by a monkey and used for a series of selfies that went viral on the Internet? The photographer has spent years fighting a copyright battle in court over the photos, and now he’s broke. The Guardian reports that the 52-year-old photographer ...

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You Can Use Wine Racks to Keep Your Camera Gear Organized


Here’s a simple little life hack for photographers: wine storage can sometimes double as great camera lens storage. A shelf or rack designed for wine could be a way to keep your lenses organized and ready to go. Minneapolis, Minnesota-based photographer Greg Wood recently moved into a new home that ...

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Nikon Recalls the D750 a Third Time for the Same Shutter Issue


Unfortunate news from the Nikon camp this week: Nikon has issued yet another recall notice for the D750 DSLR, informing owners that the shutter problem first reported in 2014 may still be present in cameras manufactured recently. Back in 2014, D750 owners began reporting that some of their photos had ...

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11 Tips and Tricks for Shooting Drone Photos


Drone photography is all the rage right now. It’s not just for amazing aerial films, but also for great stills from a unique perspective. In this 5-minute film, COOPH gives 11 great tips for improving your drone photos. It’s the simple things, like looking for symmetry in the scene below your camera, ...

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