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Daily Archives: August 2, 2017

Hands-On with the RED Hydrogen One $1,200 Holographic Smartphone


At the beginning of last month, cinematic camera manufacturer RED announced that its very first smartphone, the RED Hydrogen One, was in production. In this 6-minute video, tech reviewer Marques Brownlee takes a look at a couple of prototypes of the new RED smartphone which the company sent him exclusively ...

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This Artist Turns Trashed Cameras Into Little Robots


“Recirculation Art” is an ongoing project by Southern California-based artist James Rauff in which he turns junked cameras into little robot figures. Creators writes that the whole concept started when Rauff was watching a movie and then decided to take apart an old Canon Powershot S410 to recreate the robot ...

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An Open Letter to Nikon from a Time-Lapse Photographer


Dear Nikon, I am writing as a longtime Nikon photographer and someone who has been working extensively with your cameras and who has written many reviews in the past years. I have been shooting in the area of timelapse photography for many years now, and have given many workshops and ...

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This New AI Can Retouch Your Photos Before You Snap Them


What if your camera could professionally retouch your photos… before you even shoot them? That’s what researchers at Google and MIT are currently working on. MIT News reports that this week at the Siggraph digital graphics conference, Google and MIT scientists will be showing off a new system that can ...

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