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Daily Archives: August 3, 2017

Amazon Honoring a $500 Pricing Error on a $2,200 Camera Lens


When major pricing mistakes are made by online retailers, purchasers usually receive order cancellation notices and apology emails shortly afterward, informing them that the absurdly low price was due to a glitch. But it seems like Amazon is choosing to honor a $500 pricing mistake. When Sony unveiled its new ...

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Slow Life Down by Doing Some Long Exposure Photography


Long exposure photography can take time, planning, and patience in waiting for the right conditions to develop. In this 13-minute video blog, Thomas Heaton shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of long exposure photography. In the video, Heaton sets out to capture something slow and steady. Armed with his ...

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Ex-Bowens Employees Furious About Handling of Liquidation


The 94-year-old UK-based lighting brand Bowens surprised the photo world last month when it abruptly closed shop and went into liquidation, citing the rise of cheap Chinese brands and fierce competition. The death of a beloved photo brand is (sadly) not too unusual, but former Bowens employees in both the ...

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