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Daily Archives: August 10, 2017

101-Megapixel B&W Photos of Pre-War Era Racing


Photographer Rick Wenner was recently sent to Wildwood, New Jersey, to shoot a peculiar event called “The Race of Gentlemen.” It’s a gathering of drag racers who speed across a beach on pre-war era hot rods and motorcycles — the “perfect event for black-and-white photography,” Wenner says. Wenner was equipped ...

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These Mozart Photos Were Created in Camera, Not Photoshop


Austrian adventure photographer Sebastian Wahlhuetter has just released an amazing new project titled “Amadé”. It’s a series of photos showing Mozart walking across the air on musical notation, created entirely in-camera instead of through Photoshop “faking.” “These are single image exposures (no Photoshop) and I put weeks of effort into ...

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LG V30 to Be First Smartphone with an f/1.6 Camera Lens


LG announced today that it’s setting a new mark in the world of smartphone cameras. Its upcoming V30 flagship smartphone will be the first to feature a f/1.6 aperture camera lens. Camera quality is one of the most important factors consumers consider when purchasing a new smartphone these days, and ...

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3 Tips for How to Pose Men Who Don’t Know How to Model


In this typically short and sweet 1.5-minute video from Mango Street, the photography duo run through some techniques for posing a male subject. These tips are especially helpful when posing someone who is not a model and has little experience in front of a camera. 1. Accentuate the Jawline Get ...

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How to Edit Photos in Lightroom Using a Playstation Controller


Here’s a somewhat unusual tutorial: Kiwi photographer and videographer Ben Stewart has found a way to control Lightroom efficiently using a Playstation controller. He uses a PS3 controller, but his instructions would also work with a PS4 controller. The setup allows you to map your controller’s keys to any keyboard ...

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