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Daily Archives: August 14, 2017

Canon 6D vs. 6D II: Here’s a High ISO Noise Comparison


After early camera tests of the new Canon 6D Mark II were published, photographers balked at the fact that the dynamic range of the camera performed so poorly against other modern cameras. Now yet another review is showing that if you often shoot at high ISOs, you may be better ...

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A Forgotten Solution to the Problems of Zoom Lenses


For a few years now, I’ve had in my collection one very strange lens. I bought it primarily for its value as a collectible so, up until now, I haven’t really spent much time playing with it. Made in 1975, this manual focus Minolta MC Rokkor-X 40-80mm f/2.8 lens is ...

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The Man Who Fixes Camera and Lenses That Repair Centers Won’t


Over in Singapore, there’s a 49-year-old man who’s known by photographers as “The Camera Whisperer.” He’s a camera repair whiz who helps photographers revive broken equipment that professional repair centers won’t (or can’t) bring back to life. Channel NewsAsia published a profile of David Hilos and the 3-minute video above ...

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A Timelapse of Star Trails Swirling Over the Oregon Sky


Here’s a beautiful new short film by time-lapse photographer Tyler Hulett of Discover Oregon. Titled “Oregon Trails,” it shows stacked star trails swirling over the beautiful landscapes of Oregon. Each frame in the video is a separate star trail photograph that has been stacked with others to create motion in ...

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