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Daily Archives: August 28, 2017

Who Needs a Photo Permit in Nevada State Parks?


Nevada Law and the Nevada Administrative code have a simple definition of when you need to have a permit to shoot photos in their parks. It is based entirely on whether or not the pictures will be sold. Nonetheless, the policy of the Parks division is that anyone shooting pictures ...

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How to Do Splashes in Product Photos Using Speedlights


Adding a splash can add impact to product photos that involve liquid. Here’s a 9-minute video in which photographer Dustin Dolby of  workphlo shows how you can capture splashes with speedlights. With your glass set up on plexiglass to achieve a perfect reflection, utilizing the tips in his previous tutorial about ...

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How It Was Shot: A Climber and a Total Solar Eclipse


On August 21st, 2017, a large swath of the United States was treated to a sighting of a solar eclipse. Naturally, this inspired photographers around the country to grab their cameras and immortalize the event in a photo. Two of the most viral images were captured by photographers Ted Hesser ...

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