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Apple Acquires AI Tech That Can See a Photo’s Aethetics


Apple has quietly acquired a new French technology startup, Regaind, which specializes in AI and computer vision for analyzing photos. Apple’s Photos app is already able to search through images using keywords like “dog” or “tree” and pull out the relevant images, but this acquisition may indicate further AI developments ...

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New Japanese Anime to Feature Ultra Realistic Canon Cameras


There’s a new anime series coming out in Japan that may have the most accurately depicted cameras of all time. The reason is because Canon was recruited a consultant for ensuring that all the cameras and photography in the show are realistic. Just Because! is a new original anime series ...

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Camera


I have been a very happy Sony customer for the last 2+ years. My a7R continues to serve me well, but I am inching closer to an upgrade. I know the a7R II is an awesome camera. I’ve read the reviews. There are photographers I follow and respect who rave ...

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FAA Bans Drones at Statue of Liberty and 9 Other Landmarks


If you’d like to capture close-up drone footage of the Statue of Liberty, you’re going to have to do it very soon. The FAA has just announced that drones will be banned from flying close to the famous statue as well as 9 other landmarks. The restriction takes effect October ...

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This Pro Photographer Was Born Without Hands and Legs


Want to see what a passionate photographer looks like? Just look at the life and work of 25-year-old Indonesian professional photographer Achmad Zulkarnain. Despite being born without hands and legs, Zulkarnain became interested in photography and has since made a name for himself as a photographer and retoucher. Here’s a ...

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Sony and Manfrotto Are Teaming Up to Create New Pro Products


Vitec Photographic, the company behind the Manfrotto and Gitzo brands, is joining forces with Sony to create a brand new line of products for “professionals who demand utmost quality and high performance.” The products will be developed exclusively for Sony’s Alpha line of cameras. The first products will be launched ...

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