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Daily Archives: October 9, 2017

This App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Lightroom Control Panel


Control Room is a new app that turns your smartphone or tablet into an external control panel for Lightroom photo editing. This means you can control adjustments through the screen on your phone while watching those adjustments affect the large photo open in Lightroom on your computer. The app is ...

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TogTees: T-Shirts Designed by and for Photographers


Looking for something to wear that expresses your love of photography? TogTees is a young clothing company that’s dedicated to creating cool and comfortable casual clothing for photographers. “A friend and I launched TogTees a little over a year ago and so far the response has been tremendous,” co-founder Pano ...

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How to Color Correct with One Click in Photoshop


Is there an unwanted color cast spoiling your photo? Correcting this is really simple when you use the curves tool, as demonstrated by PiXimperfect in this 7-minute tutorial. To do this, you’re going to be telling Photoshop exactly what part of your photo should be gray. Or, to be more specific, 50% gray. ...

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How to Deal With Creative Envy as a Photographer


In his signature story-telling style, photographer Sean Tucker sits us down in this video for a 10-minute talk about handling creative envy and jealousy as a photographer or videographer. As he says, comparing yourself to other creatives can stall your career and breed resentment, and it’s important to know how ...

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