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Daily Archives: October 10, 2017

How Pulitzer Photojournalists Capture Iconic Moments


If you’d like a dose of photography inspiration, spend 8 minutes watching this video. It’s a story that just aired on CBS Sunday Morning titled “Capturing the Moment,” and it looks into whether people can be taught to create a great photograph. The segment focuses on Eddie Adams Workshop, established ...

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The Yashica Y35 is a ‘digiFilm’ Camera with Pretend Film Rolls


Yashica spent weeks teasing an “unprecedented” return to the camera world last month, and today the famed camera brand finally unveiled its new creation. The Yashica Y35 is a new ‘digiFilm’ camera that shoots digital photos with the help of pretend rolls of film. Styled after Yashica’s original Electro 35, ...

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Photos of Snow-Covered Vending Machines in Japan


Photographer Eiji Ohashi has captured a unique collection of images that feature Japanese vending machines at night, covered in snow. The eerily beautiful photos are part of a project titled Time to Shine. There are over 5.5 million vending machines dotted around Japan, some seemingly forgotten about in rural areas. Aside from the ...

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