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This is How RED Cameras Are Made


Want to see how RED makes its popular digital cameras that carry price tags of tens of thousands of dollars? The company released this 3-minute video that offers a behind-the-scenes look at its manufacturing and production facilities. The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company is headquartered in Irvine, California, about an ...

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Fujifilm X RAW STUDIO Launches: RAW Conversion Aided by a Camera


Fujifilm just announced the official launch of X RAW STUDIO, a new RAW conversion software that aims to speed up the conversion of RAW files by offloading the processing to a connected Fujifilm camera. Originally announced back in September, Fujifilm X RAW STUDIO helps speed up the time-consuming task of ...

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Creating Beautiful Multiple Exposure Wedding Photos


The multiple exposure is one of the easiest, fastest and most flexible ways to create striking images. It is usually my go-to technique when I am struggling with creativity and I need a good shot fast or when the venue is less than ideal for creating amazing images. Introduction So ...

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Instagram is Finally Testing a Regram Feature


Reposting an Instagram photo you like currently involves uploading a new version to Instagram, an act that can put you on the wrong side of copyright law. Instagram may finally be getting ready to unveil a “regram” button that lets you safely share other people’s photos in your feed without ...

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The Art vs. The Craft of Photography


As creatives, we all go through a very similar journey when it comes to improving our skill. Though details of the turbulent ride vary for everyone, it always boils down to two things; the how, and the why. Often times they’re used in harmony — we see this more commonly ...

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An Easy Way to Compose Landscape Photos at Night


When you’re out taking nighttime landscape photos, one of the most difficult tasks is composing your photos exactly how you want. The reason? It’s simply too dark to see anything. Looking through the viewfinder on a DSLR, it can be tough to make out any of the scene’s important features. ...

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Zoner Photo Studio X Brings HEIF Support to Windows


Apple’s new iOS 11 introduced a big move from JPEG files to HEIF files for photos. The change helps cut storage use in half without hurting quality, but application support for HEIF files has so far been rather lacking. That’s beginning to change, though: Zoner announced today that its Photo ...

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