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Daily Archives: November 13, 2017

How to Shoot Water Drop Photos, from Start to Print


Want to try your hand at water drop photography but don’t know where to begin? Here’s an 11-minute video from First Man Photography that runs through the entire process, from starting out to making a print. Using flash is essential for this type of photography. Rather than freezing the motion with a ...

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Why Leveling the Horizon in Photos Isn’t Easy


It might seem like one of the simplest parts of photography: leveling your horizon. Most photographers want their horizons to be straight, of course, but this isn’t an area of photography that gets too much attention. And why would it? Leveling the horizon is a very easy task — right? ...

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How Ultra High Speed Cameras Shoot Up to 25,000,000 FPS


Tracking and panning a camera in time with a tank shell seems impossible given that the shell travels at over 1,500 meters per second. Yet, somehow, there are videos showing just that floating around the Internet. Here’s a 7-minute video from Curious Droid that lifts the veil of mystery on ultra high-speed ...

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Light L16: Things Aren’t Looking Good in Early Reviews


The Light L16 is a 52-megapixel point-and-shoot camera that uses a massive 16 lenses all at once to create high resolution images. It has both baffled and inspired a lot of the photography community, but the first real reviews are being published… and they aren’t very good. Is There a ...

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Newsweek Slammed for Cover Photo of Phallic Balloon


Newsweek is getting widely criticized after sharing a sneak peek of the cover on the November 17th issue of the magazine. To illustrate the lead article about sexual harassment, the magazine decided to use a photo of a feminine hand sticking a needle into a phallic balloon. The cover was ...

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The Olympus Accounting Scandal is Being Made Into a TV Series


In 2011, Olympus was rocked by a financial scandal after it fired its British CEO who had raised questions about over $1 billion in questionable “acquisitions” between 2006 and 2008. As the truth was uncovered, seven Olympus officials were arrested for fraud and the former CEO settled a lawsuit for ...

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