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How to Shoot Epic Wide-Angle Photos of Trees


Trees invoke a sense of timelessness, of grandeur. Most species grow many centuries older than humans ever will, so let’s make trees look the part with these tips on capturing them with a wide-angle lens. “Reach the Beech” – A glistening beech tree bathed in verdant sunlight. These are some ...

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When an Email Scammer Poses as a Famous Photographer…


Forget Nigerian princes: email scammers are now pretending to be famous photographers looking for collaborators. Photographer Michael Glenn just received an email from someone claiming to be the well-known American photographer Jill Greenberg. The fake Jill Greenberg curiously emailed Glenn (a photographer) asking if he would be interested in a ...

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Tamron Launches VIP Club for Photogs Who Own 4+ Lenses


Tamron has announced a new perk plan for loyal photographed who have purchased four or more Tamron lenses. It’s called the VIP Club, and it’ll be officially launching on February 15th, 2018. To qualify for the club, you’ll need to have purchased and registered at least 4 Tamron lenses through ...

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This Instagram Husband is an Image of True Love


An Instagram husband is being celebrated as a shining example of true love this week thanks to a set of viral photos showing him photographing his wife over the Christmas holidays. Taylor Burkhalter of Fayetteville, Arkansas, was with his parents at their home on Christmas Eve when he watched his ...

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Google’s New AI Can Score Photos on Technical and Aesthetic Quality


Google has introduced a new AI system that’s trained to rate photos on whether or not they are good technically and attractive aesthetically. It’s called NIMA, or Neural Image Assessment “Quantification of image quality and aesthetics has been a long-standing problem in image processing and computer vision,” the researchers write. ...

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