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THIS is How You Apologize for Using a Photo Without Permission as a Brand


The camera accessory brand Tether Tools just earned a great deal of goodwill from photographers by taking a copyright infringement mistake seriously. After discovering that they had accidentally used a photographer’s image without permission, the company posted a lengthy apology and explanation on its website and social media. “We messed ...

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Man’s Photo Shows DJI Drone Near His Plane While Landing in LA


Melbourne-based photographer Simon Pollock was landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday when he looked out his window and spotted a DJI camera drone flying just a small distance away. “Drones. All fun and games until you’re looking out your window on approach to LAX and you spot a ...

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Kuvrd is a Universal Waterproof and Dustproof Lens Cap


Tired of keeping track of all your different lens caps? Kuvrd’s Universal Lens Cap is a new “one size fits all” lens cap that is both water- and dust-proof. It’s made of silicon and can keep all (or most) of your lenses safe. The lens cap will stretch easily to ...

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Meet the Photographer Who Hiked the Entire Colorado River


Photographer Pete McBride has traveled around the world with his camera for over 20 years, but one of his most incredible achievements has been hiking the entire Colorado River, including through the Grand Canyon. Here’s a great 10-minute profile of McBride by Adorama Spotlight. McBride’s career was born from a passion ...

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Disney to Buy National Geographic in $52 Billion Deal for Fox


National Geographic photographers will likely soon find themselves under the same parent company as Disneyland photographers. Disney is set to take ownership of the famous yellow-bordered magazine as part of its $52 billion purchase of 21st Century Fox. The acquisition was announced by Disney yesterday and include 21st Century Fox’s ...

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These Closeup Photos of Jupiter Look Like Works of Art


NASA’s Juno space probe has been orbiting Jupiter and dazzling us with photos of the giant gas planet for over a year now. In recent days, Juno has captured a number of gorgeous close-up photos that look strangely like impressionist art. The photo above, captured by Juno from a distance ...

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