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The World’s First Titanium Hollow Tripod Ballhead. Price Tag: $499


The Denver-based tripod maker Colorado Tripod Company has announced the world’s first hollow titanium ballhead. It’s called the Highline Ballhead Titanium, and it’s designed to be ultra-light, ultra-strong, and ultra-versatile. “Although the process of extracting titanium from its ore is costly, designers consider it valuable enough for specialty applications such ...

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Astrophotography: How to Photograph the Stars


Before we get started, it’s essential to understand that astrophotography takes time and practice in order to achieve good results, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t nail it on the first go. When it comes to photographing the night sky there isn’t an exact setting which is going to ...

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5 Killer Features and 14 Weaknesses of Sony Mirrorless Cameras


Camera reviewer Michael Andrew (AKA Michael the Maven) has quite a bit of experience in shooting with Sony mirrorless cameras, and he decided to share what he believes are 5 killer features and 14 weaknesses that you’ll find in the lineup. 5 Killer Features #1. Sensor Design: The backside-illuminated sensors ...

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Portraits of Rare Identical Quadruplets


Here’s a photo shoot you don’t see everyday: identical quadruplets. It’s estimated that there are only around 70 sets on Earth, and photographer Cassandra Jones of Noelle Mirabella Photography recently did a photo shoot with one of them. Jones was the same photographer who was hired to shoot portraits of ...

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Shooting College Football on 35mm Film


I’m sitting in the end zone and Tennessee’s quarterback is ready to throw for a touchdown against Missouri. There are only three frames left on my roll of film and I think to myself, “That’s more than enough.” I could never understand that pressure older photojournalists told me about when ...

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