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How to Shoot Portraits in Dappled Light


I’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years now, so I’ve seen and dealt with nearly every lighting scenario possible, from a dark church with no windows, to a wedding ceremony at high noon with not a cloud in sight. But one thing most photographers don’t know is how to photograph ...

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7 Things Pablo Picasso Can Teach Us About Photography


As I am always looking to improve my photography by learning, part of the process is seeking inspiration from others who create. I don’t, however, confine myself to just learning from other photographers. I cast my net for ideas wide, and look to artists, writers, musicians — whoever it is ...

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Dropping Photojournalists Also Drops Photo Quality, Study Finds


A number of prominent newspapers and magazines have laid off some or all of their photojournalists in recent years, but these moves are not without their consequences. A new study has found that switching from a photojournalist staff to non-professional photos has, to no one’s surprise, causes a significant drop ...

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