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Daily Archives: January 17, 2018

This is How Photographers Stage Scenes to Win Prizes


Photojournalist A. M. Ahad was at a train station in Bangladesh when he came across a group of photographers pointing their cameras at a young man who was leaning out of a window and striking a prayerful pose. Ahad, an Associated Press photographer based in Bangladesh and a co-founder of ...

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An 8-Minute Crash Course on Blending Modes in Photoshop


Want to get a good grasp of Photoshop’s Blend modes? Here’s an 8-minute crash course on the subject by the Photoshop Training Channel. They may be one of the least understood features, but blending modes can be extremely useful when creating composites and retouching. So what do blending modes actually do? They ...

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Google Can Use Your Selfie to Find Your Fine Art Doppelgänger


Google’s Art & Culture app has been around since 2016, but the latest update harnesses machine-learning technology for an interesting purpose: it can now help you find your doppelgänger in the art world using a selfie photo. Once you’ve snapped a selfie with your smartphone, the app will spit out ...

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