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Daily Archives: January 23, 2018

Google Photos’ AI Panorama Failed in the Best Way


Alex Harker was skiing with friends at the Lake Louise ski resort in Banff, Alberta, a week ago when the group stopped to take some photos on Harker’s Android smartphone. After shooting a few shots, Harker found that the AI-powered panorama stitching feature inside his Google Photos app had created ...

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Photographer David Burnett Switches to Sony After 40 Years of Canon


Renowned photojournalist David Burnett has just announced that he’s switching over to Sony camera equipment after over 40 years of shooting with Canon gear. Burnett recorded this 5-minute video about his decision. Burnett is one of the top photojournalists in the world today and the co-founder of Contact Press Images. ...

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How to Take Great Portraits with Only One Studio Light


If you’re into shooting high-quality portraits with minimal studio equipment, here’s a 6-minute video from photographer Manny Ortiz that explains how you can take great, dramatic portraits with just a single studio light. “Using one light is not as easy as it looks,” warns Ortiz. There are plenty of things to keep ...

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