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Daily Archives: January 30, 2018

Shootout: $4,990 Zeiss Otus 28mm vs $4,250 Leica Q


In the pantheon of lens focal lengths, 28mm is a bit of an outlier. Photojournalists are more apt to reach for the 35mm, while many manufacturers have settled on 24mm for primes and the wide end of their zoom lenses. But 28mm has become visually familiar to consumers because its ...

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How To Photograph Seascapes


Photographing the sea and the waves can be both challenging and fun. People often ask me what “the right settings” are to shoot moving water so I decided to write a little guide on it. There are many options depending on what look you’re going for. By using some examples ...

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The Story of Sean Flynn’s Leica M2


This is a story about a camera, a rather special camera. Every camera has a history, so they say. But it is not all that often that one has such a rich and documented history. One that was thought to be lost but has been found again. This is the ...

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How to Split Tone Photos in Lightroom: A 5-Minute Tutorial


Here’s a 5-minute tutorial from Evan Ranft that shows you why and how you can easily split tone your photos for better colors using Adobe Lightroom. Split toning allows you to create a custom look in your image without manipulating any color channels in the first place. There’s no need to move ...

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