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How to Dodge and Burn to Retouch Skin in Photoshop


Here’s a 14-minute tutorial from photographer and retoucher Zoë Noble that shows you how you can use dodging and burning to retouch skin in Adobe Photoshop. Noble always does her dodging and burning after having cleaned the skin, removing blemishes and other imperfections from the photo. Once all the prior work is done, ...

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This Photographer Combines His Loves for Science and Art


Photographer Johnathan Chen recently gave this 13-minute TEDx Talk about how art and science came together to inspire him to create mesmerizing images through experimentation. Chen says he maintains a “beginner’s mindset” and is always looking to explore new ideas and try out different viewpoints in his images. Trained as an engineer ...

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The View Interviews the Male Models Accusing Weber and Testino


The talk show The View just did an exclusive interview with three of the male models who have publicly accused famous fashion photographers Bruce Weber and Mario Testino of sexual misconduct. The models spoke about their experiences and the current state of the fashion photography industry. In the 9.5-minute video ...

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Here’s a Clever Trick for Adding Life to Eyes in Photoshop


Photographer and retouching expert Matt Kloskowski made this 14-minute video that introduces on technique for adding life back into a portrait subject’s eyes using Photoshop. Sometimes you may find that the eyes in your image seem a little dark, lacking life and “punch.” Some photographers will use a kicker light, which ...

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Integral Unveils the First-Ever 512GB microSD Memory Card


Want to store a ridiculous number of high-resolution photos and videos on your smartphone? Integral Memory has just announced the world’s largest microSD card that stores a staggering 512GB of data in a memory card the size of a fingernail. Integral, a European company, is taking the crown away from ...

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Google Photos’ AI Panorama Failed in the Best Way


Alex Harker was skiing with friends at the Lake Louise ski resort in Banff, Alberta, a week ago when the group stopped to take some photos on Harker’s Android smartphone. After shooting a few shots, Harker found that the AI-powered panorama stitching feature inside his Google Photos app had created ...

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