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Daily Archives: February 15, 2018

This Crypto-Art Rose Photo Sold for $1,000,000


Kevin Abosch, the photographer who purportedly sold a photo of a potato for over $1,000,000 in 2016, has now become the photographer behind the world’s most expensive crypto-artwork by selling a photo of a rose on the blockchain for $1,000,000. CNN reports that the photo, titled Forever Rose, was purchased ...

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ProGrade Digital: A New Memory Card Brand by Ex-Lexar Execs


Say hello to ProGrade Digital, a new brand of pro-grade memory cards and card readers for photographers. The company was founded by former Lexar executives who are aiming to offer the highest quality memory cards on the market. Micron shocked the photo world in June 2017 when it unexpectedly announced ...

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Instagram is Now Alerting Users When People Screenshot Stories


Instagram is testing out a new feature that Snapchat helped make famous: users are being notified when other people shoot screenshots of photos and videos in Instagram Stories. Some users have begun seeing advance notices from Instagram saying that the next time they shoot a screenshot or screen recording of ...

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Lensbaby Unveils the Burnside 35, the First Wide-Angle Petzval Lens


Lensbaby has announced the new Burnside 35, a creative 35mm f/2.8 lens that’s the first-ever wide-angle adaptation of the Petzval lens design. Photos captured with the Burnside 35 have a bright central area of sharp focus and “striking” color rendition. This area is surrounded by a region of swirling bokeh ...

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Windows 10 is Getting a New ‘Ultimate Performance’ Mode for Pros


Want to squeeze some extra juice out of your Windows 10 workstation? Microsoft has just unveiled a new “Ultimate Performance” power plan that’s coming to Windows 10 Pro. The new plan is designed for advanced users for whom “High Performance” isn’t enough. It helps speed things up by “eliminating micro-latencies” ...

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Fujifilm Unveils the X-H1: 4K Video and In-Body Stabilization


Fujifilm just unveiled the X-H1, a pro-grade X Series mirrorless camera with 4K and professional video capabilities. As recent rumors foretold, the X-H1 is also the first X Series body with in-body image stabilization. “The new X-H1 is the highest performance camera in the X Series line of mirrorless cameras,” ...

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