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Daily Archives: March 3, 2018

Why I Switched from Profoto to Godox


It was time to upgrade my entire lighting system. My Profoto Compact heads (in perfect working condition) we coming up on their 10th anniversary. In my Profoto arsenal, I had two 300 w/s heads, one 600 w/s head, and an AcuteB600R. Advances in flash technology in the past years have ...

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Wedding Photographer Posing Guide: Poses That Work


Do you often struggle when posing newlyweds, not knowing what to do next? Shooting under pressure, you then ask the couple to kiss while neglecting their body positioning, posture, hand movement and facial expression. The ingredients to a good portrait include: quality of light, composition, exposure and a flattering pose. ...

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How to Shoot and Edit Beer Can Photos


Here’s a 6-minute video from Andrew Mikhaylov that looks at how you can easily shoot beer can photos using 4 light sources for that signatory reflection on the can. First off, the most important thing is to make sure your beer can is completely straight from the point of view of your ...

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