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Daily Archives: March 9, 2018

Eddie Adams’ Photo Studio in NYC is For Sale for $19.95 Million


Have extremely deep pockets? You could be the owner of the New York City photo studio created by famous American photographer Eddie Adams. Bathhouse Studios is on the market, and the asking price is a cool $19,950,000. The one-of-a-kind multi-level studio and event space is located in Manhattan’s East Village ...

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Parent Seeking Photographer to Ruin Daughter’s Modeling Dreams


A PetaPixel reader was browsing for photography gigs on craigslist in South Florida today when he came across this bizarre request: someone was looking to hire a photographer to provide an “unhappy experience.” The listing was apparently posted by a concerned parent whose daughter has dreams of becoming a model. ...

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Shooting Landscape Photos in a Sub-Zero Blizzard


Want to see what it’s like to do landscape photography in sub-zero blizzard conditions? Photographer Thomas Heaton made this 10-minute video showing such an experience recently. Initially planning to visit a national park during the winter storm, Heaton found that all the roads out of his town were completely clogged ...

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Emperor Penguins Find Camera, Pose for Selfies


Two emperor penguins in Antarctica recently stumbled upon a camera left by researchers. Curious about their find, the penguins ended up knocking over the camera and then posing for an adorable selfie video. “Australian Antarctic expeditioner, Eddie Gault, left the camera on the ice when visiting [Auster Rookery near Australia’s ...

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This Camera Store Receipt Will Make You Mad


Like many other types of businesses, camera equipment stores can make a lot of money by upselling, or convincing a customer to also purchase additional products and services. But how far can this upselling go before it becomes unethical? A new camera store receipt published online has many photographers furious ...

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Agfa Vista Film is Dead: Report


Film photography has been seeing a renewed interest from photographers and manufacturers as of late, but that doesn’t mean that all well-known film stocks will survive through the resurgence. And today there’s news that another fan favorite is biting the dust: Agfa Vista is reportedly the latest film to be ...

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