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Daily Archives: March 20, 2018

This Robot is Made of Canon DSLR Gear


If you ever completely total a pricey collection of camera equipment, perhaps you should consider turning it into a one-of-a-kind robot sculpture for your home or office. Craig of Canon Rumors was visiting the Canon Canada customer service center earlier this month when he came across the strange sight above: ...

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This Guy Flew His Camera Drone to 33,000 Feet


People commonly send up cameras on weather balloons these days to shoot photos and videos from extreme altitudes, but one Russian man recently did something different: he flew a camera drone to 33,000 feet (~10km). The pilot, Денис Корякин, was flying a hobbyist drone that weighs 2.34 pounds (1.06kg) and ...

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The World’s Largest SSD is Now 100TB


It seems the competition for the title of “world’s highest capacity SSD” is heating up. Just a month after Samsung announced an industry-leading 30TB SSD, the bar has just been raised over three times higher. The company Nimbus Data has unveiled a monstrous 100TB SSD. The new “ExaDrive DC series ...

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