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Daily Archives: March 23, 2018

Martin Stavars, The One Man in a Web of Online Photo Contests


Online photo contests are a popular way for photographers to test their skills and vie for global recognition and bragging rights. But some contests are more reputable than others. A number of popular photo contests are now at the center of a growing controversy, and all indications seem to point ...

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The Rising ‘Pay To Be Featured’ Economy On Instagram


Instagram is a great platform for making connections and getting work out there to the masses. Reach hasn’t been affected like it has on Facebook just yet. However, on the topic of getting your work out there, “feature accounts” have really begun to take hold. Many of them start accumulating ...

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4×5 Large Format Rooftop Photos of Paris at Night


“Over Paris” is a gorgeous ongoing photo project by photographer Alain Cornu, who brings his 4×5 large format field camera onto rooftops around the Paris for views of the city at night. Cornu has spent nearly a decade adding photos to the series. Many of the images show famous landmarks ...

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Instagram Restores Some Order to Your Chaotic Feed


Two years after moving away from its simple, chronological feeds and toward Facebook-style algorithms, Instagram is now admitting that things have gotten a bit jumbled and chaotic. The company says it’s bringing some calm and order back. “Today we’re introducing changes to give you more control over your feed and ...

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