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Daily Archives: April 4, 2018

I Shot Photos Inside a California State Prison


My name is Pep Williams, and I’m a Leica photographer from Los Angeles. I recently shot a project with Leica called “Out of Bounds.” I’m one of the few photographers allowed to shoot inside a California state prison. I also did something never done before: because I’m a former pro ...

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This AI Camera Mod Shocks You Into Shooting ‘Good’ Photos


Want to shoot beautiful photos without having to lift a finger or think about it? The Prosthetic Photographer can help you. It’s a camera attachment that uses artificial intelligence and electricity to shock you into shooting good photos. The device was created by German media artist Peter Buczkowski. Here’s how ...

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The Crazy Shots You Can Do with a Camera Robot


Marques Brownlee (AKA MKBHD) recently paid a visit to the company Motorized Precision in Portland, Oregon, to check out the company’s high-speed camera robots. In this 8.5-minute video, Brownlee shares the beautiful camera moves that are made possible by this “dope” technology. The company’s main robot is called Kira. It’s ...

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