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Daily Archives: April 10, 2018

Testing a $35 Superzoom Phone Lens Against a $7,000 DSLR Kit


Have you seen those ridiculous ads for smartphone clip-on lenses that promise impossible results? Casey Neistat recently came across one on Facebook and decided to order one to see how bad they actually are. The Universal 18X Zoom HD Clip On Mobile Phone Optical Camera Lens can be purchased for ...

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Film in a Digital Age: The Phoenix Film Revival


“Ah, s**t!” Andrew Rogers shouts as he spills developer all over the table and onto his vintage yellow Kodachrome film shirt. Hidden in the back corner of the semi-popular “video game” bar, The Grid in Mesa, Arizona, he and three fellow film fanatics mix chemicals and develop E6 color positive ...

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I Photographed Cherry Blossoms… in Amsterdam


I’ve been seeing lots of cherry blossom photos from many friends who are visiting Japan or Korea for their beautiful and famous cherry blossoms. I’m sitting here at home in the Netherlands for a change and figured I’d show how I don’t need to travel halfway across the globe to ...

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Instagram ‘Focus’ is Portrait Mode for Single-Camera Phones


Instagram just released a new camera format called “Focus” that brings the magic of iPhone Portrait Mode-style portraits to single-camera smartphones. The feature is found as a new “Focus” option under the shutter button when the Instagram camera is open. It’s found between “Boomerang” and “Superzoom”. While in Focus mode, ...

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This Short Film Was Shot at 2520mm


“Sun Moon London” is a beautiful 3-minute short film by photographer and filmmaker Luke Miller, who captured scenes of the sun and moon illuminating the city of London through a 2520mm-equivalent lens. Miller has been pointing his camera at his hometown for many years, and he often uses a very ...

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A Message to Portrait Photographers


She came in for her senior session. Her hair was a mess of tangled waves, unruly and uncooperative. Her face was covered with freckles and dotted with acne. She wasn’t model proportions and the clothing she wore required careful adjustment to keep it from bunching up in places. She was ...

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