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Daily Archives: April 13, 2018

How I Made a ‘Frankencamera’ Digital TLR


I really enjoyed reading the Photography: The Definitive Visual History and it got me thinking about blending older forms of photography with newer digital equipment. I became obsessed with TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) cameras — not for their ability to view through one lens while capturing an image through the ...

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Photos of Loneliness in New York City


Photographer Luc Kordas first moved from Europe to New York City in 2014 after living in six different countries in six different years. Since then, he has made his living as a photographer while doing street photography for himself. And one of the recurring subjects he has captured is the ...

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Quick Tip: How to ‘Auto’ a Single Slider in Lightroom


Lightroom Classic has long had an “Auto” feature in the Develop module that will automatically set basic sliders for you based on the image at hand. But did you know that you can now “Auto” set individual sliders? This simple but useful trick is discussed and demonstrated in the 44-second ...

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GoPro May Soon Be a Chinese-Owned Company


GoPro’s brand may be widely recognized, but its business has been struggling mightily as of late. But there’s now some news that may offer a glimmer of hope for investors: GoPro may soon become a Chinese-owned company. The Information reports that the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has been considering making ...

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The Photographer’s Travel Camera


Ever taken professional camera equipment on vacation and left with too many memories of setting up tripods or staring at screens? Well, I have. I’ve also traveled and taken no pictures at all – only to regret that as well. In searching for the perfect travel camera, I considered two ...

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Photo of Man on Fire Wins World Press Photo of the Year


Venezuelan photographer Ronald Schemidt has just been awarded the prestigious World Press Photo of the Year prize in 2018 for his striking photo of a Venezuelan man on fire during violent clashes with riot police. The photo, titled “Venezuela Crisis,” was one of 6 finalists that were named back in ...

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