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Daily Archives: April 18, 2018

Developing Your Photographic Style


Defining your style is one of the, if not the, most difficult and time-consuming aspects of photography. It takes many people years or even decades of shooting before they really start to narrow down their photographic style. Today I am going to try and speed you up past all that ...

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This Guy Built an Aluminum Medium Format Camera at Home


Photographer Lucus Landers has built one of the most impressive do-it-yourself cameras we’ve ever seen. Called the Landers AL6, it’s an all-aluminum camera that shoots medium format film. “I have recently completed my most recent camera build,” Landers tells PetaPixel. “With the exception of the lens and shutter, everything is ...

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This App Lets You Shoot Virtual Models in the Real World


There’s a new app that lets you shoot portraits of virtual models in your real-world location. It’s called Augmented Reality Photo Studio. Created by the Los Angeles-based company Superba AR, Photo Studio AR lets you stage and shoot portraits in locations you scout without having to bring a stand-in model. ...

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