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Daily Archives: April 23, 2018

Your Camera is Better Than What Legendary Photographers Used


If you think that buying a better camera or lens will instantly make you a better photographer, consider this: it’s likely that the camera you already have is better than what legendary photographers used to shoot history’s most famous and beloved photos. That’s the nugget of inspiration and encouragement that ...

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Shootout: Samsung Galaxy vs Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone


It’s been a few years now since smartphones became legitimate tools for professional photography. While a DSLR or high-end mirrorless is almost certainly the preferred choice, phone camera quality has reached the point where it can be used in many situations. TIME Magazine ran an iPhone photo as a cover ...

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This Photographer Combines Toys and Practical Effects


Mitchel Wu is a professional toy photographer. He combines toys, photography skills, practical effects, and imagination to create “alternative universes” in which toy characters come to life. Instead of using digital trickery in Photoshop, Wu carefully sets up his shots to capture things like flying objects and splashes on camera. ...

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DxO Labs in Receivership, Bankruptcy Case Opened: Report


DxO Labs has reportedly gone into receivership as a bankruptcy proceeding is opened in France. The company is mum on what exactly is going on behind the scenes but says its customers shouldn’t be affected by the financial and legal situation. Canon Rumors first reported that one DxO Labs customer ...

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