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Daily Archives: April 27, 2018

Record Label Insults Photographer After Stealing Her Photos


Photographers commonly deal with photos being used without permission these days, but oftentimes infringements can be resolved in a friendly and agreeable way. Concert photographer Adrienne Row-Smith recently experienced the opposite: after asking nicely that her misused photos be taken down, Row-Smith received some angry words for a music label. ...

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How to Make Your Own Profiles for Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom


Earlier this month, Adobe released an update that massively revamped its Camera Profiles, renaming the feature Profiles. In addition to 6 new Adobe Raw profiles, there are also creative profiles. And instead of downloading and/or buying third-party creative profiles, you can make your own. Adobe Principal Product Manager Josh Haftel ...

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This Modified Polaroid Camera Prints Photos on Thermal Paper


Polaroid cameras are fun to use, but shooting high numbers of instant photos can get very expensive very quickly. Tim Alex Jacobs, known as mitxela online, recently solved this problem by modifying a standard Polaroid camera into an instant camera that prints photos on thermal paper (the kind used for ...

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Winning Wildlife Photo Disqualified Because Anteater Was Stuffed


A winner of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year photo contest has been stripped of his award after it was discovered that the anteater seen in the photo is a stuffed animal that was Photoshopped in. Brazilian photographer Marcio Cabral had won the “Animals in Their Environment” category for ...

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