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Licensed or Not? A Closer Look at the Fox News Flood Imagery Fiasco


In the face of breaking news, smartphones have made everyone a frontline reporter, and social media has allowed users to become self-publishers. However, with rare exceptions, most news content still relies on traditional media for mass distribution. Junior producers at large news-gathering organizations often attempt to obtain licensing rights directly ...

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Here Are 400MP Photos Shot Using Hasselblad’s $48,000 Camera


Hasselblad has just released a set of 400-megapixel photos captured using the new $48,000 H6D-400c Multi Shot medium format DSLR, which was announced back in January. The company decided to point the digital monster at one of the few remaining Ross HK-7 aerial cameras, which was one of Hasselblad’s earliest ...

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Beware: Amazon Still Sells Counterfeit Memory Cards


Photographer and Nikon Ambassador Charmi Patel Peña ordered four 128GB SanDisk SDXC memory cards from Amazon last month. Things seemed fine… until the cards started constantly stopping her camera. Peña then examined the cards more closely and realized that all of the cards were counterfeit. “When you get cards, look ...

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This Guy Wins at Drivers License Photos


Jono Zalay is a comedian whose family has a humorous tradition: they troll the DMV by creating a new wild persona every time they need to pose for a new drivers license photo. My family has a tradition of being officially documented as by the government as characters, because they ...

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Camera+ 2 is a Next-Gen RAW Camera App for the iPhone and iPad


The popular third-party iPhone camera app Camera+ is getting replaced. Camera+ 2 is a new version for the iPhone and iPad that has been completely revamped to provide a top-notch photography experience for iOS photographers. “A lot of things have happened in the 8 years since we first released the ...

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TIME’s Latest Cover Photo is a Drone Photo of 958 Drones


TIME magazine’s latest issue is a special report on the rapid explosion of drones in our culture. For the cover photo, TIME recreated its iconic logo and red border using 958 illuminated drones hovering in the sky. It’s the first-ever TIME cover captured with a camera drone. To create the ...

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Yongnuo Unveils 50mm f/1.4 II Lens, Replacing Its Canon Clone


Now that Yongnuo is more established as a third-party lens maker, the company is slowly distancing itself from the lens designs it copied from Canon lenses early on. In addition to replacing its original 50mm f/1.8 “Nifty Fifty” clone, Yongnuo is now also updating its 50mm f/1.4 clone with a ...

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Nikon DSLR Battery Bursts Into Flames


The FAA warns against storing spare lithium-ion batteries in checked baggage, and Norwegian photographer Vidar A. Bøen recently learned first hand why that is when one of the batteries used in his Nikon DSLR burst into flames. Bøen purchased his Hähnel HLX-EL15HP battery and charger back on March 19th. Hähnel ...

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How to Do Corporate Headshot Photography


If you’re interested in branching out your photo business to include corporate headshots, here’s a helpful 24-minute tutorial that can help you get started. In it, photographer Sean Tucker shares his system of effectively photographing a large number of people in a short amount of time. “This isn’t usually glamorous ...

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