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Daily Archives: May 22, 2018

RED and Lucid Unveil 8K 3D Camera for 4V Holographic Photos


The camera companies RED and Lucid have unveiled a new 8K 3D/4V camera that’s designed to work with the RED Hydrogen One modular holographic phone. RED is building the high-resolution hardware for the camera while Lucid is providing the 3D Fusion Technology software that it’ll use. The new camera will ...

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Instagram’s ‘All Caught Up’ Feature to Ease Your FOMO


Instagram’s decision to move away from a simple chronological feed to an algorithm-based stream can make it difficult to keep track of whether you’ve seen everything “new” from people you follow. But help is on the way: Instagram is now testing an “All Caught Up” message to let you know ...

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Shutterbug Kills Print Magazine, Goes Web-Only After 45 Years


Shutterbug has announced that it’s ending its photography print magazine after 45 years, moving forward as an entirely Web-based publication. “Shutterbug magazine had a great run, but the media landscape has changed dramatically in the last 4+ decades, and we felt now was the time for Shutterbug to become a ...

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