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Nikon DSLR Battery Bursts Into Flames


The FAA warns against storing spare lithium-ion batteries in checked baggage, and Norwegian photographer Vidar A. Bøen recently learned first hand why that is when one of the batteries used in his Nikon DSLR burst into flames. Bøen purchased his Hähnel HLX-EL15HP battery and charger back on March 19th. Hähnel ...

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How to Do Corporate Headshot Photography


If you’re interested in branching out your photo business to include corporate headshots, here’s a helpful 24-minute tutorial that can help you get started. In it, photographer Sean Tucker shares his system of effectively photographing a large number of people in a short amount of time. “This isn’t usually glamorous ...

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Canon is Now Out of the Film Camera Business After 80 Years


Canon just officially discontinued the EOS-1V, the company’s last remaining film camera. The move brings an official end to Canon’s film camera business after an 80-year run. Canon entered the camera industry back in 1937 as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, creating a Leica clone called “The Kwanon” that was Japan’s ...

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