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Daily Archives: July 2, 2018

500px Nukes 1M+ Creative Commons Photos


500px just shut down its Marketplace stock photo platform in favor of selling photos directly through Getty Images and VCG, as the company announced a month ago. And as part of the major change, 500px has wiped out over 1 million of the Creative Commons photos photographers had uploaded to ...

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Court Rules Copying Photos Found on Internet is Fair Use


A Virginia federal court has made a decision that photographers won’t be happy to hear: the court ruled that finding a photo on the Internet and then using it without permission on a commercial website can be considered fair use. The Backstory The copyright battle started when photographer Russell Brammer ...

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Wildfire Smoke is Making San Francisco Look Instagram Filtered


The County Fire burning in Northern California’s Yolo County is blanketing San Francisco with smoke today. And when combined with the fog rolling in from the Pacific Ocean, the smoke is giving the city an eerie sepia-toned look that’s making it look like it was passed through an Instagram filter. ...

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Light Built a Phone with 9 Cameras


Light’s groundbreaking L16 camera generated a great deal of excitement over its 16-camera design, but early reviews have largely fallen short of the hype. The company is pushing full speed ahead, though, and will reportedly be unveiling a first-of-its-kind smartphone that has as many as 9 cameras on the back. ...

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These 1,750 Film Cameras and Lenses Can Be Yours for $65,000


If you’ve been itching to start a film camera gear collection and have $65,000 burning a hole in your pocket, here’s an opportunity for you: someone on eBay is selling a massive collection featuring over 1,750 film cameras and lenses — all of which are in “excellent working and [cosmetic] ...

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Wedding Photographer Uses Building Fire as Backdrop


Wedding photographer Megan Allen was shooting a reception in Dayton, Ohio, this past Saturday when she and the bride noticed that a large fire had broken out at an abandoned building nearby. “[O]ne of the abandoned buildings […] went up in massive flames, shooting huge, black plumes of smoke into ...

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