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Daily Archives: July 23, 2018

Shoot Light-Painting Photos During the Day Using an ND Filter


Light-painting photography is generally done in the dark since you need long exposure times to capture moving light sources as streaks. But use can also shoot long-exposure photos in bright sunlight using a neutral density filter. Photographer Eric Paré recently did just that, experimenting with doing light-painting in afternoon daylight. ...

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A New Bag from Peak Design – A Travel Bag!


Check out the new Kickstarter that just launched today! That team at Peak Design doesn’t sleep. This time they’re going for something even bigger, both in size and scope. Their foray into the competitive “travel bag” space is bulwarked by a wealth of experience in making all sorts of bags, ...

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Should National Geographic Fine Art be ‘Trusted’?


I recently wrote about my experience with the National Geographic Fine Art Galleries (NGFA), which wanted one of my photos to sell in their galleries. In return, they offered me a mere five percent commission. Additionally, the $1,800+ prints sold through NGFA are signed with an autopen, a machine which ...

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Sony Unveils the First 48-Megapixel Smartphone Sensor


Sony has just announced a new CMOS sensor for smartphones that captures 48-megapixel photos — the highest pixel count in the industry. The sensor is the world’s first to feature an ultra-small pixel size of just 0.8μm, which is what allows it to stuff 48-megapixels onto a 1/2-inch sensor. “These ...

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This is the First Teaser for Nikon’s New Mirrorless Camera


It’s no secret that Nikon is planning to launch a new full frame mirrorless camera system. And after months of rumors and speculation, Nikon has just released its first teaser for it. Just check out the 1.5-minute video above. Here’s the description of the video, titled “Travel of Light,” which ...

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