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Daily Archives: July 25, 2018

Jacobson Sound Blimps Closing After 52 Years


Jacobson Sound Blimps has announced that it’s closing up shop, bringing an end to the 52-year-old business that produced the de facto official sound blimp used by still photographers on movie sets to suppress shutter sounds. In a letter sent out to Local 600 still photographers, 74-year-old Mark Jacobson (the ...

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How to Create Full-Color Photos Using Only B&W Film


The three-color method of using colored lens filters when shooting black-and-white photos was one of the earliest techniques for creating color photos. This 11.5-minute video is an exploration of how this process is done. The video was created by Mike Elsherif and JohnBen Lacy of Clovehitch Productions. “The video is ...

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SKOUT Lets You Store Your Camera on Your Chest with a Twist


SKOUT is a new camera carrier design by the Vancouver-based company Cotton Carrier that lets active photographers wear their camera in the center of their chest, attaching it securely and detaching it quickly with a simple twist. Cotton Carrier calls one-size-fits-all SKOUT “the world’s most comfortable, secure, and accessible, Sling-Style ...

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This Slow-Motion Hummingbird Video Was Shot on the iPhone


Want to shoot some beautiful slow-motion footage of hummingbirds in flight? As this 4-minute video by photographer and conservationist Phil Torres shows, all you need these days is a smartphone. Torres was recently in the Ecuadorian cloud forest shooting with his iPhone X and Moment’s lens attachments. “I soon realized ...

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Nikon Announces Development of Full Frame Mirrorless Camera


Nikon has just officially announced the development of its upcoming full frame mirrorless camera, finally confirming months of rumors and leaks. The new full frame mirrorless system will be built around a brand new lens mount, but existing Nikon DSLR lenses will be compatible with the camera using a specially ...

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